Welcome to Safe Places on the Isle of Wight

Safe Places is a community scheme aimed at providing those who feel vulnerable, for whatever reason, with a safe place to get help and support.

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What is a Safe Place?

A Safe Place is a location in the community, like a shop, a community centre, or a café where someone who may be feeling vulnerable can go to get help and assistance.

Our Safe Places are all members of our community who have volunteered their location and time in order to offer a sanctuary for anyone in need.

What do we mean by the term vulnerable?

Vulnerability has many faces, whether someone has learning difficulties, disabilities, anxiety, depression, dementia, feeling lost, frightened, bullied or alone; sometimes being out and about can be overwhelming.

We understand that being away from home, even if it’s just down the road, can be challenging, over stimulating, and confusing to many people.

If you think that you could use a Safe Place, get in touch with us so we can send you a Safe Place card and badge! This can contain contact details of someone you like and trust (so a Safe Place can contact them if you need them).

Head over to the Contact Form and send us a message today!

Can I go to Safe Place if I have not got a Safe Places Card, ‘yes of course you can, our Safe Places Locations are there to help anyone feeling vulnerable and need of help’.

What happens when I need to use a Safe Place?
We have a list of all our locations currently active here: Current Locations.
You can also use the Safe Places app! All of our locations have a Safe Places sticker in the window. The look like this…..

If you need to pop in just let a member of staff know you need a Safe Place and they’ll take it from there.

Our volunteers are there to help, whether it be to provide you with some space, contact someone on your behalf or contact someone who can help you further. They can help you find your way home, find you help if you need it, or just be there for a chat.

Would you like a Safe Place Card? 

Anyone can make use of a Safe Place if you are feeling vulnerable, you do not need to have a Safe Place Card to go into a Safe Place.  But if you would like a Safe Place Card this can contain contact details of someone you like and trust (so we can contact them if you need them).

Head over to the Contact Form and send us a message today!

Want to find support and services on the Isle of Wight, then go to ‘Islefindit’ https://www.islefindit.org.uk/