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Mental Health Awareness Week:
Please be assured that however you may be feeling, there is plenty of support available.
For a number of mental health support groups visit Isle Find It – Your Community Directory.
Stay Safe and Keep Well 😀

Whatsapp Users:


Did you know that …
1. Open WhatsApp on your phone
2. Go into Settings
3. Go to Account
4. Go to Privacy
5. Go to Groups
6. Change from (Everyone) to (My Contacts, press Done)

do so for your own security and share this with everyone you know that uses WhatsApp.

Reporting Hate Crime
3rd June 2021

Now that Covid19 restrictions are lifting, you may come across abuse or aggression from others whilst you are out.

If you are subject to hate crime because of your disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, race or religion, you can report this via 999 (in an emergency), on 101 (non-emergency), online on True Vision and or attend a third party reporting centre IOW Citizen’s Advice Bureau;

Make sure you keep yourself safe and confident whilst out and about. The Safe Places Scheme is there to give you somewhere safe to go to if you are feeling scared or confused. Details of IOW Safe Place can be found here:
Watch the following clips about hate and mate crime

Elder Abuse
29th June 2021

Check out this cross post from the UN: Elder abuse is preventable. Everyone has a role to play — by watching for signs, staying connected, getting help from local services & more.

Infographic by the UN

22nd July 2021
What is Anti-Social Behaviour?
Anti-Social Behaviour or ASB, is when someone’s quality of life is affected by the actions of other people in the community, this is anti-social behaviour.
What is ASB?
Incidents of ASB can range from something that is a mild annoyance to something that causes real fear and insecurity. It could be a one-off event or something that happens over and over again.
ASB can be broken down into three categories:
Personal ASB – when a person targets a specific individual or group
Nuisance ASB – when a person causes trouble, annoyance or suffering to a community.
Environmental ASB – When a person’s actions affect the wider environment, such as public spaces or buildings.
What can you do about ASB?
All reports of ASB should be put to your local police. If it’s an emergency, call 999. Where your report is not an emergency, you can contact them via the 101 number or online at:…/how-to-report-a-crime/

New Safe Places!
13th July 2021
A massive welcome to all our new Safe Place volunteers! If you’re in need of a Safe Place, you can now head over to these additional locations: Kingston Farmhouse Care Home Ltd in Whippingham, East Cowes, Newport Residential Care, Byrnhill Grove RCH in Ventnor, Ryde Town Council, Hose Rhodes Dickson in Ryde and Regent Pharmacy in Shanklin.
Haven’t got a Safe Places card? If you think you could do with a Safe Place every now and then (or know someone who would benefit), head on over to our website:…/

Coercive Control
11th July 2021

‘Here I am, I am not a learning disability’
Julys Spotlight
‘Here I am, I am not a learning disability’ – Lets hear from people with a learning disability, they tell us what learning disability means to them.Check out the post here:

Delivery Scams
10th July 2021
61% of UK residents have been targeted by delivery #scams in the past year & 1 in 4 have been targeted by holiday scams. Unfortunately, 3% said they lost money as a result. Forward any suspicious texts to 7726 & delete.Read more:

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