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Digital Safety Card: Instagram
25th March 2021

Insta is another one of those platforms that has been around for a while. Primarily a photo and video sharing app, you can share your content publicly or privately, or have a professional account for businesses.
Just like TikTok and YouTube, the platform can be accessed by anyone 13+. Instagram is pretty great at filtering out some of the unpleasant and offensive content. You’ll only get to see content produced by accounts you follow, but that doesn’t mean that we’re totally safe from trolls, bullies and offensive comments and content. One of the biggest issues Instagram users face it people stealing pictures from personal accounts and creating new fake profiles.
Find out how you can protect yourself, block and restrict people on Instagram here:

Digital Safety Card – TikTok
23rd March 2021

It’s the new kid on the block but it has absolutely blown up over the last 12 months during lockdown. Finding life hacks, amazing recipes, new dance trends and lip-syncing…the content is massive!
There’s so much good stuff on TikTok, but there’s also some really bad videos out there and just like other platforms; some not so nice people.
We’re also spending a lot of time on these platforms, day and night…and super early morning…sometimes not ever going to sleep. Screen time over a long time isn’t great for our physical or mental health. Limiting that screen time, getting up and about away from our phones and tablets, is really important!
Get more information on how you can Block, Report and find out more about Digital Wellbeing on this digital help card:

Reporting Hate Crime
3rd June 2021

Now that Covid19 restrictions are lifting, you may come across abuse or aggression from others whilst you are out.

If you are subject to hate crime because of your disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, race or religion, you can report this via 999 (in an emergency), on 101 (non-emergency), online on True Vision and or attend a third party reporting centre IOW Citizen’s Advice Bureau;

Make sure you keep yourself safe and confident whilst out and about. The Safe Places Scheme is there to give you somewhere safe to go to if you are feeling scared or confused. Details of IOW Safe Place can be found here:
Watch the following clips about hate and mate crime

Whatsapp Users:

ARE YOU A WHATSAPP USER ❓ Did you know that …👀 WhatsApp has changed the group setting to include “everyone” so people you don’t know can add you to a group without you knowing.

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone
2. Go into Settings
3. Go to Account
4. Go to Privacy
5. Go to Groups
6. Change from (Everyone) to (My Contacts, press Done)

🙏 do so for your own security and share this with everyone you know that uses WhatsApp.

Mental Health Awareness Week:
Please be assured that however you may be feeling, there is plenty of support available.
For a number of mental health support groups visit Isle Find It – Your Community Directory.
Stay Safe and Keep Well 😀

Help at home
28th April 2021
Age UK offers a Home Safe Service to anyone age 18+ . Ran by experienced and trusted tradesmen offering support with all types of home and garden maintenance, including safety adaptations. There’s no charge for call-outs, they offer a very competitive hourly rate, contactless payments, plus you can have any mix of jobs in one visit. To find out more, contact Age UK today by calling (01983) 525282 or by emailing

Scam Email
23rd April 2021

An e mail claiming to give the recipient a money-off voucher to assist with purchases during quarantine will ask you to click a link. This email aims to steal personal and payment card details. Phone the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133.
See the Tweet here

Unwanted telephone calls:
26th March 2021

Cut down on unwanted telephone calls and other scams, here is what you can do:
– You can register your phone number – either landline or mobile – on the TPS website or by phoning 0345 070 0707. It’s free to register and takes up to 28 days to come into effect.
– Register with the Mailing Preference Service or contact them 0207 291 3310.
– To report a spam text forward or paste the text to 7726 free of charge, Once reported you should get an automated response thanking you for the report and giving you further instructions.
– Tell a trusted friend, relative or neighbour
– Speak with your telephone Service Provider
– Using No Cold Calling stickers

Digital Safety – YouTube
20th March 2021

An oldie but a goodie in terms of sharing platforms out there; YouTube continues to be a roaring success accessed by people of all ages!
But have you ever seen some of the comments people make? Let alone some of the not-so-nice videos?! It makes even this savvy social media user blush, cringe, cry and get angry. Trolling and bullying on YouTube is rife and with unsupervised users as young as 13 on the platform, we want you to be aware of how to keep yourself safe from the unsavory people….and the unsavory content.
Check out this safety card:

9th March 2021

Don’t forget Isle of Wight foodbank Freshwater is open Fridays between 10am and 12 noon.
I am a voucher holder locally so if you, a friend of family member find themselves in food crisis, get in touch on 07498 496 719 and I can complete a voucher for you.
Foodbank provide three days worth of nutritionally balanced food per voucher which can help whilst looking at other support you might need to get past any crisis.
For more info about this and other locations, visit

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