Registering for a Safe Places Card

Need to speak to someone first?

Our Safe Places Isle of Wight Coordinator; Jane Hughes can be contact via our contact form, via our Facebook Page, or via mobile: 07979 503968

Why do I need to register?

Being a Safe Places card holder means its super easy for our Safe Place locations and volunteers to get the assistance you need, fast!

Your Safe Places card carries an emergency contact of your choosing, so that if you need them, we can contact them right away for you.

You’ll be able to use it nationally too! So you can explore the UK and use Safe Places across the land!

How to register:
Its super easy to grab your own Safe Places card.
Just fill in the form below and we’ll get to work!

Example of the Safe Places registration card

Registration Form:

Privacy: Click here to see how we use your data!

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