Becoming a Safe Places Location:

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Safe Places only exists because of amazing volunteers who offer up their space and their time to those seeking help and support.

We have some fantastic community leaders, organisations and business on the Island that are willing to help and do an incredible job. If you’re interested in joining the Safe Places family, its free, it doesn’t take up too much time and you’d be offering a wonderful service to the community around you.

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To be a Safe Place we have a few asks!

To become a Safe Place there are some essential basic points we need to agree on:

  • you must be open to the public and have public liability insurance
  • you must display the Safe Place sticker in your premises so that it is easily visible to the public  
  • advise us of any access issues for people with disabilities so we can point this out on our locations map. For example steps into your location, doors not wide enough for access to a person using a wheelchair.

As a minimum you agree to:

  • provide a safe and supportive environment
  • contact the appropriate emergency services immediately if the vulnerable person has been a victim of crime or needs medical assistance
  • contact one of the people named on the back of the Safe Place Card (if they have one) where necessary
  • allow the person to speak to the named person, if desired
  • allow the person to wait on the premises until the named person (or police / ambulance) arrives or until they feel safe to leave
  • keep your staff familiarised with the scheme so that they know what to do if a vulnerable person requires support
  • notify the Safe Place Scheme Coordinator If you wish to withdraw from the scheme.
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